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Volume 24, Number 4, April 2017

Free transverse vibration of shear deformable super-elliptical plates with uniform thickness was studied based on Mindlin plate theory using finite element method. Quadrilateral isoparametric elements were used in the paper. Sensitivity analysis was made to determine the influence of the thickness, the aspect ratio, and the shape of the plate on the natural frequency. Accuracy of the results computed in the current study was validated by comparing them with the solutions available in the literature. The results reveal that the frequencies of clamped super-elliptical plates lie in the range bounded by elliptical and rectangular plates irrespective of the aspect ratio, and furthermore, the frequency decreases if the super-elliptical power increases. A similar trend was observed for simply supported plates with high aspect ratio. The free vibration response for the first and the second symmetric-antisymmetric (SA) modes were found to be different for high aspect ratio. The results reveal that using insufficient number of degrees of freedom results in finding a totally different relation between the super-elliptical power and the frequency.

Key Words
plate; vibration; frequency; Mindlin; finite element

Department of Civil Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, 34220 Esenler, Istanbul, Turkey

Differing from the fixed-type, the dynamic motion of floating-type offshore wind turbines is very sensitive to wind and wave excitations. Thus, the sensing and monitoring of its motion is important to evaluate the dynamic responses to the external excitation. In this context, a monitoring system for sensing and processing the wind-induced dynamic motion of spar-type floating offshore wind turbine is developed in this study. It is developed by integrating a 1/00 scale model of 2.5MW spar-type floating offshore wind turbine, water basin equipped with the wind generator, sensing and data acquisition systems, real-time CompactRIO controller and monitoring program. The scale model with the upper rotatable blades is installed within the basin by means of three mooring lines, and its translational and rotational motions are detected by 3-axis inclinometer and accelerometers and gyroscope. The detected motion signals are processed using a real-time controller CompactRIO to calculate the acceleration and tilting angle of nacelle and the attitude of floating platform. The developed monitoring system is demonstrated and validated by measuring and evaluating the time histories and trajectories of nacelle and platform motions for three different wind velocities and for eight different fairlead positions.

Key Words
wind turbine; spar-type floating offshore; monitoring system; 1/100 scale model; wind-induced motion and trajectory; wind velocity; fairlead position

C.M. Kim,S.R. Kim: Korea Institute of Industrial Engineering, Gangseo-Gu, Busan 618-230, Korea

J.R. Cho,Y.S. Lee: Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Hongik University, Sejong 339-701, Korea

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