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Advances in Robotics Research   Volume 2, Number 1, March 2018, pages 59-68
Essential technical and intellectual abilities for autonomous mobile service medical robots
Dmitry A. Rogatkin and Evgeniy V. Velikanov

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    Autonomous mobile service medical robots (AMSMRs) are one of the promising developments in contemporary medical robotics. In this study, we consider the essential technical and intellectual abilities needed by AMSMRs. Based on expert analysis of the behavior exhibited by AMSMRs in clinics under basic scenarios, these robots can be classified as intellectual dynamic systems acting according to a situation in a multi-object and multi-agent environment. An AMSMR should identify different objects that define the presented territory (rooms and paths), different objects between and inside rooms (doors, tables, and beds, among others), and other robots. They should also identify the means for interacting with these objects, people and their speech, different information for communication, and small objects for transportation. These are included in the minimum set required to form the internal world model in an AMSMR. Recognizing door handles and opening doors are some of the most difficult problems for contemporary AMSMRs. The ability to recognize the meaning of human speech and actions and to assist them effectively are other problems that need solutions. These unresolved issues indicate that AMSMRs will need to pass through some learning and training programs before starting real work in hospitals.
Key Words
    medical robot; service; intellectual abilities; technical requirements; internal world model
Dmitry A. Rogatkin: 1.) Laboratory of Medical and Physics Research, MONIKI named after M.F. Vladimirskiy, Shepkina str. 61/2, Moscow, 129110, Russia
2.) LLC \"R&D Center EOS-Medica\", Nauchny proezd, 8, b.1, Moscow, 117246, Russia

Evgeniy V. Velikanov: LLC \"R&D Center EOS-Medica\", Nauchny proezd, 8, b.1, Moscow, 117246, Russia

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