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Earthquakes and Structures   Volume 15, Number 6, December 2018, pages 701-713
Seismic performance assessment of R.C. bridge piers designed with the Algerian seismic bridges regulation
Fouad Kehila, Abderrahmane Kibboua, Hakim Bechtoula and Mustapha Remki

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    Many bridges in Algeria were constructed without taking into account the seismic effect in the design. The implantation of a new regulation code RPOA-2008 requires a higher reinforcement ratio than with the seismic coefficient method, which is a common feature of the existing bridges. For better perception of the performance bridge piers and evaluation of the risk assessment of existing bridges, fragility analysis is an interesting tool to assess the vulnerability study of these structures. This paper presents a comparative performance of bridge piers designed with the seismic coefficient method and the new RPOA-2008. The performances of the designed bridge piers are assessed using thirty ground motion records and incremental dynamic analysis. Fragility curves for the bridge piers are plotted using probabilistic seismic demand model to perform the seismic vulnerability analysis. The impact of changing the reinforcement strength on the seismic behavior of the designed bridge piers is checked by fragility analysis. The fragility results reveal that the probability of damage with the RPOA-2008 is less and perform well comparing to the conventional design pier.
Key Words
    fragility curves; seismic performance; damage states; vulnerability; pier bridge
Fouad Kehila, Abderrahmane Kibboua, Hakim Bechtoula and Mustapha Remki: Department of Civil Engineering, National Earthquake Engineering Research Center CGS, 01 Rue Kaddour RAHIM, BP 252, Hussein Dey, Algiers, Algeria

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