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Earthquakes and Structures   Volume 8, Number 5, May 2015, pages 1039-1054
Cyclic testing of weak-axis column-tree connections with formation of plastic hinge at beam splice
Keunyeong Oh, Liuyi Chen, Sungbin Hong, Yang Yang and Kangmin Lee

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    The purpose of this study was to evaluate the seismic performance of weak-axis column-tree type connections used in steel moment frames. These connections are composed of a shop-welded and field-bolted steel structure and can improve welding quality. On this basis, column-tree type connections are widely used in steel moment resisting frames in Korea and Japan. In this study, splices designed with a semi-rigid concept regarding the seismic performance of column-tree connections were experimentally evaluated. The structures can absorb energy in an inelastic state rather than the elastic state of the structures by the capacity design method. For this reason, the plastic hinge might be located at the splice connection at the weak-axis column-tree connection by reducing the splice plate thickness. The main variable was the distance from the edge of the column flange to the beam splice. CTY series specimens having column-tree connections with splice length of 600 mm and 900 mm were designed, respectively. For comparison with two specimens with the main variable, a base specimen with a weak-axis column-tree connection was fabricated and tested. The test results of three full-scale test specimens showed that the CTY series specimens successfully developed ductile behavior without brittle fracture until 5% story drift ratio. Although the base specimen reached a 5% story drift ratio, brittle fracture was detected at the backing bar near the beam-to-column connection. Comparing the energy dissipation capacity for each specimen, the CTY series specimens dissipated more energy than the base specimen.
Key Words
    column-tree type; weak-axis connections; cyclic testing; bolt slip; beam splice
Keunyeong Oh, Liuyi Chen, Sungbin Hong, Yang Yang and Kangmin Lee: Department of Architectural Engineering, Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea

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