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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 15, Number 6, December 2013, pages 605-621
An Investigation of fan type anchorages applied to end of CFRP strips
M. Emin KARA and Mustafa YAŞA

Abstract     [Full Text]
    CFRP strips are widely used nowadays for repair/strengthening or capacity increase purposes. Sharp bending at the ends of the CFRP strips is frequently encountered at these applications. In this study, Reinforced Concrete (RC) beam specimens that were produced with 10 MPa compression strength concrete were strengthened by using bonded CFRP strips with end anchorages to tension region. The parameters that were investigated in this study are the width of the strip, the number of applied fan anchorages and whether additional layer of CFRP patch is used or not at the strip ends. Specimens were strengthened with 100 mm wide CFRP strips with one or two anchorages at the ends. In addition CFRP patch with two and three anchorages at the ends were tested for investigating the effect of the patches. Specimens that were strengthened with three anchorages at the ends with patches were repeated with 60 and 80 mm wide CFRP strips. The most successful result was obtained from the specimen that was strengthened with 80 mm wide CFRP strips with 3 end anchorages and patches among the others at the experimental program. The numbers of anchorages that were applied to ends of CFRP strips were more effective than the width of the CFRP strips onto strength and stiffness of the specimens. Due to limited space at the ends of the strips at most three anchorages could be applied.
Key Words
    RC beams; CFRP; fan type anchorages; strengthening
M. Emin KARA and Mustafa YAŞA: Aksaray University, Civil Engineering Department, Aksaray, Turkey.

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