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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 19, Number 5, November 2015, pages 1259-1277
On bending, buckling and vibration responses of functionally graded carbon nanotube-reinforced composite beams
S.H. Tagrara, Abdelkader Benachour, Mohamed Bachir Bouiadjra and Abdelouahed Tounsi

Abstract     [Full Text]
    In this work, a trigonometric refined beam theory for the bending, buckling and free vibration analysis of carbon nanotube-reinforced composite (CNTRC) beams resting on elastic foundation is developed. The significant feature of this model is that, in addition to including the shear deformation effect, it deals with only 3 unknowns as the Timoshenko beam (TBM) without including a shear correction factor. The single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) are aligned and distributed in polymeric matrix with different patterns of reinforcement. The material properties of the CNTRC beams are assessed by employing the rule of mixture. To examine accuracy of the present theory, several comparison studies are investigated. Furthermore, the effects of different parameters of the beam on the bending, buckling and free vibration responses of CNTRC beam are discussed.
Key Words
    CNTRC beams; bending; buckling; free vibration; elastic foundation
(1) S.H. Tagrara, Abdelkader Benachour, Abdelouahed Tounsi:
Material and Hydrology Laboratory, University of Sidi Bel Abbes, Faculty of Technology, Civil Engineering Department, Algeria;
(2) S.H. Tagrara, Abdelkader Benachour, Mohamed Bachir Bouiadjra, Abdelouahed Tounsi:
Algerian National Thematic Agency of Research in Science and Technology (ATRST), Algeria;
(3) Mohamed Bachir Bouiadjra, Abdelouahed Tounsi:
Laboratoire des Structures et Matériaux Avancés dans le Génie Civil et Travaux Publics, Université de Sidi Bel Abbes, Faculté de Technologie, Département de génie civil, Algeria;
(4) Abdelouahed Tounsi:
Laboratoire de Modélisation et Simulation Multi-échelle, Département de Physique, Faculté des Sciences Exactes, Département de Physique, Université de Sidi Bel Abbés, Algeria.

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