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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 19, Number 5, November 2015, pages 1145-1165
Analytical investigation of thin steel plate shear walls with screwed infill plate
Cuneyt Vatansever and Jeffrey W. Berman

Abstract     [Full Text]
    A behavior model for screw connections is developed to provide a better representation of the nonlinear response of thin steel plate shear walls (TSPSWs) with infill plates attached to the boundary frame members via self-drilling screws. This analytical representation is based on the load-bearing deformation relationship between the infill plate and the screw threads. The model can be easily implemented in strip models of TSPSWs where the tension field action of the infill plates is represented by a series of parallel discrete tension-only strips. Previously reported experimental results from tests of two different TSPSWs are used to provide experimental validation of the modeling approach. The beam-to-column connection behavior was also included in the analyses using a four parameter rotational spring model that was calibrated to a test of an identical frame as used for the TSPSW specimens but without the infill plates. The complete TSPSW models consisting of strips representing the infill plates, zero length elements representing the load-bearing deformation response of the screw connection at each end of the strips and the four parameter spring model at each beam-to-column connection are shown to have good agreement with the experimental results. The resulting models should enable design and analysis of TSPSWs for both new construction and retrofit of existing buildings.
Key Words
    screw connection; steel plate shear wall; strip model; tension field action; bearing deformation
(1) Cuneyt Vatansever:
Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey;
(2) Jeffrey W. Berman:
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.

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