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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 22, Number 1, September20 2016, pages 079-89
Nonlinear finite element modeling of steel-sheathed cold-formed steel shear walls
Shahin Borzoo, Seyed Rasoul Mir Ghaderi, Saeed Mohebi and Ali Rahimzadeh

Abstract     [Full Text]
    Cold formed steel shear panel is one of the main components to bearing lateral load in low and mid-rise cold formed steel structures. This paper uses finite element analysis to evaluate the stiffness, strength and failure mode at cold formed steel shear panels whit steel sheathing and nonlinear connections that are under monotonic loading. Two finite element models based on two experimental model whit different failure modes is constructed and verified. It includes analytical studies that investigate the effects of studs and steel sheathing thickness changes, fasteners spacing at panel edges, one or two sides steel sheathing and height-width ratio of wall on the lateral load capacity. Dominant failure modes include buckling of steel sheet, local buckling in boundary studs and sheet unzipping in the bottom half of the wall.
Key Words
    cold formed steel shear wall; finite element analysis; steel sheathing; maximum lateral resistance; nonlinear connections
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Tehran, Tehran, I.R. of Iran.

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