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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 23, Number 3, February28 2017, pages 263-271
Non-linear study of mode II delamination fracture in functionally graded beams
Victor I. Rizov

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    A theoretical study was carried-out of mode II delamination fracture behavior of the End Loaded Split (ELS) functionally graded beam configuration with considering the material non-linearity. The mechanical response of ELS was modeled analytically by using a power-law stress-strain relation. It was assumed that the material is functionally graded transversally to the beam. The non-linear fracture was investigated by using the J-integral approach. Equations were derived for the crack arm curvature and zero axes coordinate that are needed for the J-integral solution. The analysis developed is valid for a delamination crack located arbitrary along the beam height. The J-integral solution was verified by analyzing the strain energy release rate with considering material non-linearity. The effects of material gradient, non-linear material behavior and crack location on the fracture were evaluated. The solution derived is suitable for parametric analyses of non-linear fracture. The results obtained can be used for optimization of functionally graded beams with respect to their mode II fracture performance. Also, such simplified analytical models contribute for the understanding of delamination fracture in functionally graded beams exhibiting material non-linearity.
Key Words
    functionally graded structures; fracture; material non-linearity; beam theory
Department of Technical Mechanics, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, 1 Chr. Smirnensky blvd., 1046 – Sofia, Bulgaria.

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