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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 24, Number 1, May20 2017, pages 53-63
A simplified matrix stiffness method for analysis of composite and prestressed beams
Biljana Deretić-Stojanović and Svetlana M. Kostić

Abstract     [Full Text]
    The paper presents the simplified matrix stiffness method for analysis of composite and prestressed beams. The method is based on the previously developed "exact" analysis method that uses the mathematical theory of linear integral operators to derive all relations without any mathematical simplifications besides inevitable idealizations related to the material rheological properties. However, the method is limited since the closed-form solution can be found only for specific forms of the concrete creep function. In this paper, the authors proposed the simplified analysis method by introducing the assumption that the unknown deformations change linearly with the concrete creep function. Adopting this assumption, the nonhomogeneous integral system of equations of the "exact" method simplifies to the system of algebraic equations that can be easily solved. Therefore, the proposed method is more suitable for practical applications. Its high level of accuracy in comparison to the "exact" method is preserved, which is illustrated on the numerical example. Also, it is more accurate than the well-known EM method.
Key Words
    composite beam; viscoelastic analysis; creep; shrinkage; matrix stiffness method; linear integral operators
Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade, Bul Kralja Aleksandra 73, Belgrade, Serbia.

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