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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 27, Number 2, April25 2018, pages 193-200
Axial compression behavior of circular recycled concrete-filled steel tubular short columns reinforced by silica fume and steel fiber
Juan Chen, Xuan Liu, Hongwei Liu and Lei Zeng

Abstract     [Full Text]
    This paper presents an experimental work for short circular steel tube columns filled with normal concrete (NAC), recycled aggregate concrete (RAC), and RAC with silica fume and steel fiber. Ten specimens were tested under axial compression to research the effect of silica fume and steel fiber volume percentage on the behavior of recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tube columns (RACFST). The failure modes, ultimate loads and axial load- strain relationships are presented. The test results indicate that silica fume and steel fiber would not change the failure mode of the RACFST column, but can increase the mechanical performances of the RACFST column because of the filling effect and pozzolanic action of silica fume and the confinement effect of steel fiber. The ultimate load, ductility and energy dissipation capacity of RACFST columns can exceed that of corresponding natural aggregate concrete-filled steel tube (NACFST) column. Design formulas EC4 for the load capacity NACFST and RACFST columns are proposed, and the predictions agree well with the experimental results from this study.
Key Words
    recycled concrete-filled steel tube (RACFST); axial compression; steel fiber reinforced concrete; mechanical performance
School of Urban Construction, Yangtze University, 1 Nanhuan Road,Jingzhou, Hubei, China.

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