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Steel and Composite Structures   Volume 30, Number 2, January25 2019, pages 81-96
Behavior of three-tube buckling-restrained brace with circumference pre-stress in core tube
Yang Li, Haiyan Qu, Shaowen Xiao, Peijun Wang, Yang You and Shuqing Hu

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    The behavior of a new Three-Tube Buckling-Restrained Brace (TTBRB) with circumference pre-stress (σθ,pre) in core tube are investigated through a verified finite element model. The TTBRB is composed of one core tube and two restraining tubes. The core tube is in the middle to provide the axial stiffness, to carry the axial load and to dissipate the earthquake energy. The two restraining tubes are at inside and outside of the core tube, respectively, to restrain the global and local buckling of the core tube. Based on the yield criteria of fringe fiber, a design method for restraining tubes is proposed. The applicability of the proposed design equations are verified by TTBRBs with different radius-thickness ratios, with different gap widths between core tube and restraining tubs, and with different levels of σθ,pre. The outer and inner tubes will restrain the deformation of the core tube in radius direction, which causes circumference stress (σθ) in the core tube. Together with the σθ,pre in the core tube that is applied through interference fit of the three tubes, the yield strength of the core tube in the axial direction is improved from 160 MPa to 235 MPa. Effects of gap width between the core tube and restraining tubes, and σθ,pre on hysteretic behavior of TTBRBs are presented. Analysis results showed that the gap width and the
Key Words
    buckling restrained brace; circumference pre-stress; interference fit; hysteretic behavior; design method
(1) Yang Li, Shaowen Xiao, Peijun Wang, Yang You:
Civil Engineering College of Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong Province, 250061, China;
(2) Haiyan Qu:
Technical Center of Zhongnan Building Industry Group, Nantong, Jiangsu Province, 226100, China;
(3) Shaowen Xiao:
Headquarters of China Vanke Co. Ltd., Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, 510000, China;
(4) Shuqing Hu:
Technical Center of Zhongtong Steel Construction Co., Ltd., Liaocheng, Shandong Province, 252000, China.

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