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Wind and Structures   Volume 25, Number 6, December 2017, pages 551-567
Investigations of H-Darrieus rotors for different blade parameters at low wind speeds
Anal R. Sengupta, Agnimitra Biswas and Rajat Gupta

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    Studies of unsymmetrical blade H-Darrieus rotors at low wind speeds in terms of starting time, static torque, and power performances for different blade parameters: thickness-to-chord (t/c), camber position, and solidity are scarce. However these are required for knowing insights of rotor performances to obtain some design guidelines for the selection of these rotors. Here, an attempt is made to quantify the effects of these blade parameters on the performances of three different H-Darrieus rotors at various low wind streams. Different blade profiles, namely S815, EN0005 (both unsymmetrical), and NACA 0018 (symmetrical blade for comparison) are considered. The rotors are investigated rigorously in a centrifugal blower apparatus. Firstly the dynamic and static performances of the rotors are evaluated to determine the best performing rotor and their optimum solidity. Generalised performance equations are developed based on selected blade parameters which are validated for the unsymmetrical rotors. Further, the starting time is quantified with respect to the rotor inertia to determine the suitable range of inertia that helps the unsymmetrical blade rotor to self-start earlier than the symmetrical one. This study can work as a benchmark for the selection of optimum blade parameters while designing an unsymmetrical blade rotor at low wind speeds.
Key Words
    blade parameters; H-Darrieus rotor; low wind speed; power coefficient; starting time; torque coefficient
Anal R. Sengupta: Department of Mechanical Engineering, GIMT Guwahati, Guwahati-781017, India
Agnimitra Biswas and Rajat Gupta: Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Silchar, Assam-788010, India

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